Neonta 4 District 2


I recognize myself as a vessel that has been chosen to advocate on behalf of those who feel voiceless, apathetic and excluded.  I believe that daily, in academic settings, the experience should be transformational and not just transactional. 

As a product of a single-parent household, where statistics say one thing, I know all too well that opportunity says differently!  After being blessed with athleticism and academic success, I earned both an Athletic and Academic scholarship to Miles College that started my journey and completely changed the trajectory of my life!  I believe that every student should too have that opportunity. 

My fight and advocacy efforts for education extends over some fifteen plus years, but NOW – No Opportunity Wasted, is the mantra and driving force behind my efforts to become THE #ChangeAgent4District2.  Students, Parents and the community alike deserve someone who understands the families in which Birmingham City Schools serve, its beauty, its potential and promise.  I am the candidate that best represents because, I care, I am concerned and I am committed!

Of all my years of advocacy and community building, one of the greatest takeaways is too often things are done in the community, for the community BUT NOT WITH the community. I chose to have a pyramid approach of Parents, Policy and Partnerships.


Parents are the primary stakeholders in the community.  I will work daily to intentionally engage and increase Parental involvement with each respective school and District level.


It is through Policy that we can resurrect and implement the success of our schools.  It has been and will continue to be my daily intent to press the needle and raise awareness with our current School Leaders on opportunities and laws that exist to support their innovative interest in graduating scholars’ college/career ready. Through Policy, our ultimate goal should be that graduates secure a strong foundation in k-8, to be fully prepared, and able to participate in the practice of education and economic freedom upon graduating from k-12.


Partnerships exist for the purpose of agreement to cooperate and advance mutual interests.  Our mutual interest should always be that of the students in Birmingham City Schools and their success.  I pledge to increase partnerships for families and students served in BCS.  Partnerships can and should foster first hand exposure to our students that strike a chord of possibility and promise.  I strongly feel that daily student interactions should be transformational and not transactional alone.

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District 2 is comprised of (6) Birmingham City Schools inclusive of Martha Gaskins Elementary, Robinson Elementary, W.J. Christian Academy, Huffman Middle, Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle, and Putnam Middle.


For too long, we have been electing folks who are protectors of the status quo. Our students deserve a Leader that is “Married to the Vision, but Dating the Plan”. 

Ultimately, every child learns differently and I believe that between parents, policy, partnerships and forward-thinking Leaders whose interest is singularly the students, we have a recipe for success. I am a beneficiary of others advocating for me when my parents’ work schedules did not allow them to do so.  I vow to continue to represent every single unique family that BCS serves.

 Finally, we know how many seeds are in an apple, but we do not know how many apples are in a seed!  Each BCS student represents a seed, it is our duty and will be my honor in ensuring that each student is nurtured and supported to grow and multiply itself for a better future.  

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